Antennas for railway and vehicles

Juka LT - official sales partner of Antonics in Baltics

The focus is not on the production of mass-produced goods, but on customer-specific products that are developed and produced for users, for example, antennas for railway.

In the wireless communications technology market, thes name ANTONICS stands for innovative planar antenna system technology and the development of new areas of applications and innovations. ANTONICS is regarded as an innovation leader in the field of planar railway antenna technology and drives the railway industry forward in this area.

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Development and Manufacturing

ANTONICS has purchased state-of-the-art robotics, turning, milling, antenna simulation and antenna special technology, thus creating the basis for the most modern antenna development and production center in Berlin.

Consulting & Simulation

ANTONICS offers full technological support in the concrete everyday project life and is able to solve specific problems. We are happy to advise our clients which products from our portfolio are the most suitable.

The sustainability approach of ANTONICS

At ANTONICS we believe in the sustainability approach. Be it in production, how we run our company or in employee management.

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