Privacy policy

General Information

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you about how your personal data is collected and processed, to explain how long it is stored, to whom it is granted, what rights you have and where to apply for its implementation or other issues related to the processing of personal data.

Personal data is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Union (hereinafter – the Regulation), the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts regulating the protection of personal data.

The controller of your personal data, determining the purposes and means of processing your personal data, is JSC Juka LT (hereinafter – the Company) (legal entity code: 304009366, registered office address: Parodų St. 4, LT-04133 Vilnius, telephone No. + 37062913082, e-mail address:

It is important that you read the Privacy Policy carefully, as the conditions set out in it apply every time you purchase goods on our website and / or directly from us and visiting our website ( Please read the current version of this Privacy Policy regularly, as its content may change in the future.


For the purpose of e-commerce, we will process the data you provide during registration, as well as the data we receive when you purchase goods, including information about the goods you have purchased, and data related to payment. If you do not provide your personal data (name, surname, login name, e-mail address, password, telephone number) during registration, we will not be able to identify you and sell you goods.

In addition to the information you provide, we process information about what items you have purchased on our website. Information about your use of our website is collected through cookies and is described below in this Privacy Policy. When you make a payment for goods purchased on our website, we also receive personal data related to the payment, including the account number, the amount of the payment.

We will protect your personal data processed for this purpose for a maximum of 10 years from the date of your purchase, unless your obligations require us to process your personal data for longer than specified, in accordance with legal obligations, such as following instructions from public authorities or participating in legal disputes.

Newsletters and other direct marketing activities

If you are our customer, have subscribed to a newsletter on our website or otherwise expressed your willingness to receive direct marketing material, the personal information you voluntarily provide, including your email address and phone number, will be used to provide contact information as well as through social networks. , media channels and other similar electronic communication channels could provide you with information about goods and services, news, promotions, events or other information that constitutes direct marketing.

If you are our customer but have not objected to the processing of your data for direct marketing purposes, we will only process them for the marketing of similar goods and services.

Cookies policies

Cookies in general

Our website uses cookies to develop a user experience (tracking cookies) and enable functionality in the service (functional cookies). A cookie is a text file that is stored on a user’s computer for a limited time when a website page is visited. If you want, you can avoid cookies by adjusting your browser settings so that cookies are not saved during use. However, this may have a negative impact on site functionality and user experience or, in some cases, to prevent full use.

Tracking cookies

The site collects usage statistics designed to track, develop, and design the site. Additionally, the site uses Google Analytics Demographics, which combines user tracking information with, for example, age, gender, and user interests. You can change your settings of collecting this information in your Google Account.
You can opt-out of Google Analytics tracking with the browser add-on (

Functional cookies

The functional domains of the web service that require user login or other authentication require a cookie to work. The cookie information stores the necessary information about the user and the cookie is deleted at the end of its deadline or when the user logs out.

Other identifiers

Identifiers are stored of the user of the online service in connection of the online service into the log files of the server and the network service (e.g., IP address opened the page and downloaded files, as well as potential error situations during the use) and the information is collected about the site’s user interface (records, heat map data, form data usage). The purpose of collecting this information is to monitor and develop the service, as well as to improve fault tolerance and security continually.

Marketing ban

You may want to set electronic marketing ban on either a separate request or by a link accompanying each marketing message. You can prevent Visitor Tracking from visiting Visitor Tracking Services by opt-out. You will need to perform the function again if you later use a different computer and / or browser.

Social media

Use of social media plug-ins can send identifiable information to those social media service providers. These plug-ins and any other links on the site and links to other websites may be owned and controlled by third parties. We have no control over the third party website, and we are not responsible for any material published or their use.

Right of appeal

If you are concerned that there are gaps in the processing of your information, you have the right to file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority.

If you have any questions about handling your personal information, feel free to contact us.


Privacy Policy last updated: 2021 February 10