C&T Solutions offers wide range of industrial computers and panel computers. C&T offers high quality for a reasonable price. Do you need industrial computer but did not know what to choose? Contact as, we can help you!

C&T BCO series of industrial computers offers not only small footprint but and low price. This ideal solution where reliability and low price is more important than row power. Computers of BCO series offers wide working temperatures and supply voltages ranges.

C&T ACO computer series is designed for implementations in moving vehicles. Computer’s power could be controlled by ignition signal of vehicle. ACO series computers have improved resistance against vibrations and complies with EN50155 and EN50121-3-2 certifications. Some models of ACO series have integrated POE switches. Furthermore, computers have RAID support for data redundancy. It is great solution for video surveillance or public announcement systems in moving vehicles.

C&T panel PC’s series offers unlimited customization of system. Choose the power of PC, size of the screen and even the touch screen technology, capacitive or resistive. PC series computers are compatible with all VIO series touchscreens, it means, that it is possible upgrade (change) only computer or only screen. You could choose screens sizes from 10 to 21 inch, and aspect ratio 4:3 and 16:9. All screens have IP65 rating, meaning they are suitable for damp factory environment.